Post date: 06/29/2016 - 10:49
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We all have the occasional off-day at work, whether it’s arguing with colleagues, struggling with a heavy work-load or just a rainy day bringing down your mood, it’s natural to dislike your job every now and again.

What if “now and again” happens more often? How do you know if it’s the job making you miserable or just passing fazes? Here’s how to spot the signs that you’re in the wrong job.

You hate Sundays

Remember when you were at school and you spent most of Sunday evenings dreading the next day? When you’re a teenager and have homework you haven’t even started yet due the next day, it’s a perfectly normal feeling. But if you’re getting “déjà vu” from your younger years and are still spending every Sunday evening feeling anxious about the next day, you clearly don’t like your job very much.

Are you proud of your work?

When people ask you what you do for a living what do you tell them? Do you tell them the truth? If it’s the latter and you’re so ashamed of your job you won’t admit what you do to complete strangers, then it might be time to change your career.

As well as feeling shame, if you don’t care about the quality of your work and put more energy into planning what you’re having for lunch, then you’re probably not happy with your job either.

Meetings make no sense

No matter what job you do, meetings with colleagues or clients are a fairly regular (and often important) occurrence. While some meetings won’t always make complete sense to everyone in the room, and others will be more boring than grey paint, if you find that you’re confused and/or bored at every single meeting you attend, then your heart clearly isn’t with the company.

You spend more time ranting than you do working

At one point in their working life, everyone has moaned about their job. Work can be stressful, so it’s natural (and actually healthy) to have a little rant now and again.

But if you’re ranting every day about your job and you’re spending more time in the kitchen or bathroom than you are at your desk actually getting the work done, then that’s a pretty clear sign that you’re unhappy.

Do you respect the company?

In order to be a happy at a company it’s vital that you share the same values and beliefs as them, otherwise you’re essentially working for a business you disagree with.

If you don’t like how your employer operates it’s no surprise that you don’t like your job, as it’s hard to be passionate and excited about helping a business you don’t actually like.

You hate your boss and colleagues

Hating the work is one thing, hating your fellow colleagues is another. While you won’t always get along with everyone you work with (in every workplace there’s always at least one annoying person), it’s important to have at least a small handful of colleagues you get along with, can rant with, have a drink with and generally chat to when you need to relax for a few minutes.

If you spend every day plugged into your headphones, avoid every work event like you’ll catch an illness from it and find yourself rolling your eyes every time your colleagues talk around you, then it might be time to move on.

And the most obvious sign…

You spend your working day looking for another job!

It’s one thing to spend a few minutes daydreaming about another job, but if you’re looking at other jobs when you should be working, that’s the clearest sign of all that you’re in the wrong job.

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