Post date: 06/07/2016 - 08:00
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Just when you thought the jobs couldn’t get any better, we’ve found some incredible jobs.

The best job on Earth?

How does being chauffeur-driven around Manhattan, New York with beautiful women and copious amounts of rum sound? In April 2015, the following advert ran in a New York paper:

“Well-known Manhattan marketing agency is seeking African-American/Caribbean men, under 5ft. Short grey hair is a plus, for promotional work. Work three evenings a week, $25 an hour for seven hours. Job entails being chauffeured around Manhattan with a beautiful woman and introducing a new premium rum from Trinidad to new clientele.”

Director of Fun

There is an impressive Canadian Railway Museum in Saint-Constant (Québec) http://www.exporail.org/en/ . But imagine – seven years ago in the United Kingdom – a six-year boy Sam Pointon became a director of fun at the National Railway Museum in York.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h6Fe4A83dsc (The Director of Fun responds to questions and comments)

He was awarded the role for his extensive experience riding on lots of trains, and was appointed to his role at the age of six. His job is to make sure the museum remains as fun and family friendly as possible.

Sam says, “I have been on lots of trains now and being director of fun means I sometimes get to go on the footplate (but not drive the train no matter how many times I ask).”

Google Trike/Street View Team Member

This kind of reminds me of the guys at Central Park that lug around people on the back of their rickshaws - except instead of towing sweaty tourists, you'd be pulling around a Google Maps camera. If you are in good physical condition and want to ride around the most beautiful cities in the world for a living, you may be interested in joining the Google Street View Trike team. Or, if traveling via foot is more your speed, check out the fortunate men and women who get to scout locations like the Grand Canyon with a big 360-degree camera mounted on their heads.

The honeymoon testers

David Benton-Jones and wife Lucy have been on over 40 honeymoons in just 10 years. With locations such as the Maldives, Tanzania, South Africa and Italy, they have experienced the world’s most romantic locations and hotel rooms for absolutely nothing!

The couple met at a party in London and David says it was love at first sight. He adds, “I told her I wanted to start a travel company. We had similar interests and a week later she flew out to Kenya with me.”

Their company Ultimate Honeymoons was formed and, as David says: “we’ve been inseparable ever since.”

Water Slide Tester

Yes, Water Slide Tester: it's an actual job. And it earns a salary most entry-level workers would happily accept (even if just to work at an establishment without a strict, no-water slide mandate). Are there downsides to testing water park attractions all over the world? “It can be tough when it’s chilly and you have to strip off, but otherwise it’s great," ex-slide tester Tommy Lynch told The Mirror. I feel bad for Tommy; his career is certainly going to take a steep plunge from here on out.

Whiskey galore

Meet Megan Kenny, whiskey ambassador for Jameson Irish Whiskey.

Responsibilities include choosing fine whiskeys and teaching clients the proper way to drink and appreciate the different attributes of this particular tipple.

“I love spreading the passion I have for Jameson. It’s so rewarding to engage with people who share the same love for whiskey as I do. I adore traveling and coming to London from my home in Dublin is all part of the adventure. The most rewarding aspect of my job is the satisfaction in educating members of the trade in the history and heritage of Irish whiskey.”

Island caretaker

We’ve saved the best for last, as most of you will know this one.

In 2009, Brit Ben Southall beat off 35,000 other applicants to win the best job in the world. Ben got to live rent free in a luxury three-bedroom villa (with a pool) as part of a £70,000 six-month stint as ‘caretaker’ of Hamilton Island on the famous Great Barrier Reef.

“The job has allowed me to have adventures and keep exploring, write about it and learn new skills like filming, editing, presenting, public speaking and TV work,” Ben says.

“If it wasn’t for that competition, life could have been very different,” he adds. You don’t say!

Fortune Cookie Writer

If you are a well-adjusted, reasonable human being, you've probably never put that much thought into those little slips of premonition inside your favorite Chinese restaurant's fortune cookies.