Post date: 11/25/2016 - 08:49
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You have completed your search for a job and now you’ve been invited for a job interview! Most of us have a hard time when thinking about an upcoming job interview.

Do’s and Don’ts when preparing for a job interview



  • Make sure to google and check the company’s website.
    • Their mission statement and the company’s vision.
    • Other vacancies that are available; you may find something else that you much prefer or suits you better.
    • The organizational structure of the company, who’s who and how it all functions
  • Lookup the company’s newsletter, get familiar with the going ons of the company so that you are much more in tune with the culture of the company. You never know you may surprise the interviewer that you have knowledge of it.
  • Search and browse through the company social media
    • You may be able to find out how the company interacts with its customers. This way it will give you an idea on what kind of relationship the company has with its customer and maybe some insight on the relationship between the company and its employees
  • Know their customers; this will give you an edge especially if, after doing all your homework, you are able to provide suggestions on how to increase shop or website traffic, or how to increase sales or optimize the current marketing strategy.
  • Know your own CV. Having prepared your CV to tailor it to the position you’re applying for, make sure you remember what you wrote in it! (You’d be surprised how many people can’t actually remember what they wrote in their own Curriculum Vitae or Cover Letter!)


  • Answer questions with a just a ‘yes’ or ‘no’. Always try to explain and expand on your answers if possible. Always remember to relate your answers to the job being interviewed for. But do beware of over explaining your answer and talking too much about yourself. Keep it short, simple and concise.
  • Lie. Answer questions truthfully, lying will not get you anywhere, answer straight to the point.
  • Complain about your previous jobs or employers or colleagues. This will only work against you as the interviewer might be your new employer and may have second thoughts on hiring a complainer.
  • Use rude or inappropriate language during the interview. (Hopefully obvious why you wouldn’t do this!)
  • Become discouraged. Sometimes during an interview you may get the impression that it isn’t going so well, and some people give up at this point. Don’t! Interviewers have a variety of techniques to find out more about you and it may just be that they want to test your reaction by making it appear that the interview isn’t going well.
  • Ask about Wages. Although we all want to know how much money we might earn or if there’s a possibility of bonuses or commission, a first interview is not the best time to bring it up. If you’re called back for a second interview, then you know that they’re genuinely interested in hiring you so enquiring about your salary at this point is ok. Some interviewers will ask you what your salary expectations are so make sure you do some research on similar positions to find out your market value!

What else?

  • Prepare your clothes, dress for the job, not your casual daily dressing.
  • Know where to go to.
    • Print out directions.
    • If you’re taking public transport, have the schedule ready and plan your journey accordingly.
    • Plan to arrive at least 10 to 15 minutes early.
  • Get a good sleep the night before!
    • Meaning no late-night drinking to ‘celebrate’ your interview on the next day (there’s nothing worse than a potential employee turning up smelling of booze!)

In the end, take a deep breath before the interview starts and be yourself during the interview.

Good luck!