Post date: 04/13/2016 - 15:25
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Ask the average job seeker how many interviews they have been to and you will be shocked by the answers. While some people have attended hundreds of interviews and are still counting, others get the job on the first attempt. We may want to give credit to being lucky but there must be more to it. It may not be possible to learn from the mistakes of others because most interviews are held behind closed doors but being conscious of the whole process will work to bring more success than failure.

1. Be honest

You must have gone through the job requirements of the position that is vacant and so you want to conform to the position. Honesty always has a way of resurfacing over lies so refrain from exaggerating your achievements and qualifications. Even if you land the job using false pretenses, you may not have a future with the company if they discover that you lied at the interview.

2. Take time before answering any question

This may be a hard thing to do but if the company that is doing the interviews has provided you with some water, use the time to take a sip as a chance to prepare for what to say. Of course you should limit the number of times that this happens so only use this strategy if it is necessary. If water has not been provided, you can always come with your own water and no one will penalize you for doing so. The key thing is to buy some time to structure your responses before you express them to the panel.

3. Prepare questions for the interviewer

It is normal to feel nervous before and during the interview but remember that the interviewer is also anxious about finding the right candidate for the job. Just as they are asking you questions they expect you to ask them questions too. You must prepare in advance on the questions that you would like to ask but be aware of the effect they might have on the entire process. Questions that could add value to you as a job seeker are centered on how soon the posit ion is meant to be filled, what is the turnover rate for that position and prospects of growth for a person holding that position.

4. Be confident

Confidence is a struggle to some people especially when their credibility is at stake but there are techniques you can use to master it. Practicing the likely interview questions the day before and dressing in clothes that make you confortable during the interview are sure ways of keeping you relaxed and composed at the interview which is an important aspect of getting any job.

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